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Private Shooting Lessons

$150/hour per shooter

Minimum 1 hour

What's included

  • Learn to Shoot preparation (first half)

    • Safety & ethics

    • Firearms curriculum

      • Shotguns, rifles, revolvers, pistols​

      • Action types

      • Choosing the right gun(s)

      • Ammo selection

      • Accessories (holsters, belts, bags, clothing, etc.)

    • Fundamentals

      • Stance​

      • Grip

      • Sight picture & alignment

      • Trigger control

      • Breath control

      • Follow-through

  • Learn to Shoot experience (second half)

    • Putting the knowledge to practice (live shooting)​

      • Selecting a firearm/firearms (yours or ours)

      • Practicing stance, grip, sight and picture alignment, trigger control, breath control, and follow-through

      • Practice on steel targets or game targets

      • Practice at different depths, different speeds, and in different positions to find your most comfortable shot

    • Instructor observation and feedback, offering suggestions and tips to improve your shot

  • Knowledge and skill you can take with you forever

Michael's credentials include: Expert Rifleman and Expert Pistol, NRA Certified Instructor, FBI Certified Instructor, and much more. See "Meet Your Instructor" page for full bio.

Discounted rates available for family events, corporate events, or other small groups; call for pricing.

Learn to Hunt & Shoot: Activities



Personal Consultation 

Ask for pricing

Firearms selection and inquires,

Survival Preparedness Advice, 

personal consultation and advice

If you would like personal advice, or consultation contact me below. Prayers are Free if you would like me to pray for you. Reach out on the contact form.  


What's included

  • Duplication information as the "Learn to Shoot" class in a private format. 

Learn to Shoot


Learn to Shoot

$250/day per shooter

Ask for pricing for additional guests or parents/guardians (non-shooting)

Learn to Hunt & Shoot: Services

Steve Halverson

Michael was an amazing shooting instructor. Honestly, even after having been a shooting enthusiast for 20 years, I feel like a whole new man pulling the trigger. My accuracy increased tremendously, and my confidence for hunting and for self defence pistol use is way higher. He is literally a world class marksman, and a truly enjoyable teacher. Michael elevated my skills and encouraged my mind and heart as well. Highly, highly recommended.


John Louis

I could not have asked for a more professional and experienced instructor. The skillset and tools I learned from Mike I used for my job working in a counter-terror unit, and now in everyday life. If you're looking to become a better shooter, a more proficient officer, or a citizen that wants to protect his family, then please take a class from Mike. The skills you will learn will not only help save your life, but also the lives that surround you on a daily basis.

Demonstration of Shooting Skill (Milito in Competition)

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